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Mosquito net for large beds and outdoor use 3 x 4 metres HUGE. Mesh 256 mesh.

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Unique mosquito net on the market due to its large dimensions. Made of polyester, resistant and durable thanks to its hexagonal cells, similar to beehives. Its mesh has 256 holes per square inch: the size of the cells is perfect because it allows air to circulate but does not allow any mosquitoes to pass through, thus creating a completely mosquito-free space.

Its breadth makes it perfect for beds but also for outdoor use. Thanks to its large proportions, this mosquito net perfectly closes large spaces such as a table and chairs around it to enjoy outdoor dinners or hammocks and sun loungers to enjoy an afternoon by the pool or garden without being bothered by insects. Its large size makes it versatile and adaptable to many spaces. In addition, polyester traps less dust than cotton, making it a more suitable fabric for outdoors.

As for its use indoors, a mosquito net for a bed makes the room cozy and elegant. It creates a calm and romantic atmosphere that favors rest and, of course, creates an isolated and safe space that undoubtedly improves the quality of sleep.

To improve its accessibility, it has three openings, two of them on the sides and one on the front. They can be left open with the help of strategically placed velcro but they overlap perfectly when closed so that the HUGE mosquito net creates a space totally isolated from the outside.

It is held by 9 rings placed in its four corners, in the middle of the 4 sides and in the center of the roof to hold it from all these points. Although the mandatory anchor points are the 4 corners, we recommend using all these nine attachment points given the large proportions of the mosquito net. Once the 9 fastening points are already fixed by means of drilling on the ceiling and/or wall, the HUGE mosquito net is easily hung and unhooked by means of its rings so that it is very easy to remove it to wash it or store it when the summer season is over. mosquitoes.


  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Mesh: hexagonal cells 256 holes / inch2
  • Colour: white
  • Height: 220 cm. / 78"
  • Shape: rectangular with 4 fitting points
  • Width: 400 cm / 154"
  • Openings: 3 overlapping doors
  • Lenght: 300 cm. / 118"
  • Weight: 1.650 kgs. / 3.57 lb
  • For large spaces in general

For large spaces The HUGE mosquito net includes the necessary accessories for its installation and comes in a cloth bag in which it is convenient to store it after use so that it breathes.