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Our STANDARD mosquito nets are the most versatile and the ones with the greatest variety in terms of colors, models and dimensions.

They are made of polyester and have a mesh of 256 inches per square inch.

This means that its hole is somewhat smaller than in the BASIC models (156 mesh) and, therefore, they gain in efficiency and safety without reducing ventilation.

In fact, for us, they are the perfect mosquito nets as they are somewhere between efficiency and ventilation.

The larger the mesh, the smaller the hole, the greater its efficiency.

To learn more about the mesh of polyester mosquito nets and other fabrics:

They can have one or four attachment points and the variety is such that they cover all needs from cribs to king size beds. You will also find special measures to adapt to peculiar and even giant spaces to be able to use them even outside, as well as children's mosquito nets that will delight children.

We also have our MOSQUITOHOUSE range, exclusive models in which interior spaciousness prevails, designed for comfort at bedtime.