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Travel mosquito nets


Both for pleasure and for work or humanitarian missions, trips to countries with risk of disease are common today. There are several aspects that we must take care of before embarking on the trip. We recommend that you visit the website of your Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Choosing a mosquito net well is essential for this type of trip. It is important to buy the mosquito net from a site that offers guarantees since sometimes we find mosquito nets that do not meet the minimum standards required for safety. At MOSQUITOHOUSE you will find all the information you need to choose your mosquito net (weight, mesh density, packing size and mosquito net measurements).

To choose the travel mosquito net that best suits your needs:


Impregnated mosquito nets are recommended and even essential for trips to many countries in Africa, America and Asia where there is a risk of Zika, malaria, dengue, chikungunya and other diseases transmitted by insects. For this reason, we reinforce the effectiveness of our travel mosquito nets with LLIN impregnation (Long Lasting Impregnated Nets), long-lasting impregnated mosquito nets. LLINs differ from conventional nets in that the insecticide is incorporated into the fiber that makes up the nets. In this way, the protection is uniform and more durable, so these mosquito nets are more effective than those bathed in impregnation. LLINs are effective for 3 to 5 years and up to 20 washes.

The WHO recommends the use of impregnated mosquito nets to repel mosquitoes and thus prevent their bites through the net.

Mosquito nets with mesh of 256 holes / inch2

The mosquito net mesh measures the effectiveness of the mosquito net against mosquitoes. It is an international measurement and refers to the number of holes in the fabric per square inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm). In this way, the larger the mesh, the more holes the fabric has and the smaller its size. On the other hand, the smaller the mesh, the fewer holes it has and the larger its size.

Our travel mosquito nets have a mesh of 256 holes per square inch for greater effectiveness. This means that the fabric has more holes and these are smaller in a way that increases the safety of the mosquito net without reducing air circulation.

The WHO recommends a minimum mesh of 156, although MOSQUITOHOUSE mosquito nets are 256 to increase security.