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Enjoy dining on your porch and deck and leave your windows open at night without the danger of bugs bothering you. With this practical fabric you can make your own custom mosquito net and create a mosquito-free space. It is also an original decorative element.

Thanks to its extra large dimensions 250X300 cm, it is ideal for isolating spaces that require a mosquito net with custom measurements, such as attics, balconies, porches and terraces. It is also very useful for doors and windows as well as the advances of caravans and umbrellas.

Unique in the market for its large dimensions 250 X 300 cm.

With this fabric you can have the windows of your house open and enjoy the coolness of the night without the danger of mosquitoes entering. You can also close off your porch or deck to enjoy outdoor dining without being bothered by insects. It can be cut to the desired size and includes 4 strips of white adhesive velcro 3 meters long and 2 cm. wide each. This velcro perfectly adheres the fabric to the window or door frame, facilitating installation and offering 100% security.

It is also available in white.


  • If you need two or more patches to close your space, you must take into account that the patches must be overlapped by at least 20 or 30 cm. in the union of the two; this is important to calculate the meters you need.
  • To wash the fabric, do it by hand; If you use a washing machine, use the delicate cycle and always put the fabric inside a cushion or pillow cover to protect it.


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Color: white
  • Dimensions: L300 x W250 cm.
  • Mesh 256 holes per square inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm.)
  • Rectangular shape
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Includes 4 white adhsivo velcro strips 300 x 2 cm.