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Bamboo single bed mosquito net NOMI in white - width 100 cm.

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CHIMAI model made of bamboo, perfect for lovers of natural fabrics. This elegant mosquito net is both simple and functional. It has one opening on one side of the bed for easy access and has up to 9 attachment points for safety, spaciousness and comfort.

Fresher, more ecological and sustainable.

Being bamboo, it can absorb up to 60% more moisture than cotton. In addition, it does not wrinkle or shrink when washing and gives a romantic and elegant air to the room.

It is available in various sizes depending on the width of the bed: 100, 160, 200 and 240 cm.


Fabric: BAMBOO

Mesh: ----

Colour: white

Height: 215 cm. / 84"

Shape: rectangular with 4 fitting points

Width: 100 cm. / 39"

Openings: 2 overlapping doors

Lenght: 210 cm. / 82"

Weight: 1.700 kgs / 3.75 lb

For single beds.

The mosquito net includes:

  • 9 eyebolts and plugs for installation
  • 9 white cords to adjust the height of the mosquito net.