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They are simple to install as they require a single hole in the ceiling. Being pyramidal in shape, they take up less physical and visual space in the room.


  • The crown is the upper part of the mosquito net. It is formed thanks to a folding ring or rods that are joined together to give it shape, depending on the model. The crown gives amplitude to the space that remains inside the mosquito net once closed; the larger the crown, the greater the spaciousness and, therefore, the sleeping comfort. If there is a lot of difference between the diameter of the crown and the width of the bed, the greater the pyramidal effect and the smaller the interior space, since the walls of the mosquito net are closer to the body.
  • The body is the fabric that falls from the crown to the floor and opens downwards according to the width and length of the bed, thus forming a pyramidal structure.
  • The circumference or base contour refers to the meters of fabric that the body has for the part that touches the ground. This information is important because it must be long enough to surround and close the bed completely so that it is isolated from the outside. Otherwise, the opening of the mosquito net could remain open and lose all effectiveness.


For installation, it is advisable to place the attachment point in the center of the bed so that the mosquito net closes perfectly. You can also place the attachment point closer to the wall so that the fabric that falls behind the headboard makes it more vertical.

In any case, always make sure that the opening is completely overlapped and that the fabric reaches the floor on all sides. If the ceilings are too high to achieve this, you should lower the fly screen from the ceiling with the included rope until it is achieved.

All mosquito nets include a hook to fix it and a rope to adjust it in height if necessary. They go in a cloth bag to protect and store them when it is not in season.


  • For the mosquito net to be effective, the openings must be completely overlapped. The mosquito net should fall generously on the ground to avoid leaving any gaps through which mosquitoes can enter. If there is a risk of insects entering the floor, it is advisable to tuck the fabric under the mattress if the bed allows it.
  • It is recommended that the mosquito net is completely closed throughout the day or, at least, from the afternoon to prevent any mosquitoes from sneaking in at dusk which is when they start to come out.
  • If the mosquito net is used outdoors, it is advisable to hold the lower part of the fabric to the ground with some type of weight or object so that the air does not move it. Let us always remember that the objective is not to leave any loophole open.
  • When placing your order, make sure that the mosquito net of your choice has the ideal measurements that fit the characteristics of your bed, room, terrace, etc ... For this, we offer you a detailed description of each of models with all measurements.