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They are the best option when, in addition to protection against mosquitoes, comfort prevails when resting and the mosquito net is going to be used for a long period of time. Mosquito problems can be suffered over the course of several months a year and sleeping inside the mosquito net is often not convincing. In this type of mosquito net, the walls fall completely vertical so that the interior space is much wider and the rest is better. They require at least four holes in the ceiling or wall and are also suitable for use outside. They are available in various sizes from 100 cm to 240 cm. but also two giant measures of 300 and 400 cm. wide.


Rectangular mosquito nets actually have 9 attachment points, 4 in the essential corners, 4 on the sides and 1 on the optional ceiling. To install the mosquito net, you can put two points on the wall at the head of the bed, calculating the height and width you want. The rest should go on the ceiling or wall in front. All rectangular mosquito nets include hooks for their fixation and ropes to adjust them in height. In addition, they are packed in a practical cloth bag to store them when their use is not necessary.

It is recommended that the width of the mosquito net is at least equal to the width of the bed but, if the room allows it, it is advisable to opt for a larger size to leave a small corridor on the sides of the bed so that, once closed , the fabric does not rub the bed. In this way, we avoid bites through the net and we gain space and comfort since even the bedside tables can be inside the mosquito net.


For the mosquito net to be effective, the side openings must be completely overlapped. The mosquito net should fall generously on the ground to avoid leaving any gaps through which mosquitoes can enter. If there is a risk of insects entering the floor, it is advisable to tuck the fabric under the mattress if the bed allows it.

It is advisable that the mosquito net be completely closed throughout the day or, at least, from the afternoon to prevent any mosquitoes from getting in at dusk which is when they start to come out.

If the mosquito net is used outdoors, it is advisable to hold the lower part of the fabric to the ground with some type of weight or object so that the air does not move it. Let us always remember that the objective is not to leave any loophole open.

When placing your order, make sure that the mosquito net of your choice has the ideal measurements that fit the characteristics of your bed, room, terrace, etc ... For this, we offer you a detailed description and measures in all models.