About MosquitoHouse


MosquitoHouse.com is a unique online shop specialized mosquito nets for beds and travel since 2008. Through these years of experience, we have a wide variety of high quality mosquito nets among which you will easily find the one that best fits your needs.

To date, nets are the most comfortable, simple, economical and ecological solution to prevent insect and especially mosquito bites and thus enjoy a good night's sleep. It's not only a functional element but it also helps create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. On special occasions, it can also be an original gift.

In some countries, the screen is also an essential element in protecting against mosquito bites because they convey diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, trypanosomiasis or many other against which precautions should be maximized.

Amongst other advantages of mosquito nets, we can mention that they are easy to install, to wash and put away when no longer needed.

Visit our shop and find your mosquito net.