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With this accessory you can hang your mosquito net anywhere without drilling. Thanks to its adherence it can be stuck on almost any surface, being able to be easily removed without leaving any residue. Its load capacity is up to 1.3 kilos. The kit serves for four uses. It consists of 4 hooks and 8 single-use adhesive strips. Use 2 strips per hook.

Our mosquito nets include the necessary mounting material (ropes and hooks) but not this adhesive hook.


  1. To attach the adhesive strips, clean the surface first.
  2. Remove the black protective layers and press the strips against the wall or ceiling.
  3. Remove the red protective layers and stick the hook to both strips at the same time by pressing for 30 seconds.
  4. Wait 30 minutes before hanging the net.
  5. To remove the adhesive strips, slowly pull them out in a straight line parallel to the wall or ceiling until they peel off. Never pull them towards you.


  • Do not use on wallpaper or other sensitive surfaces.
  • For inside use only.
  • Incorrect removal can cause damage.