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This model comes with a foldable rotan spiderframe so that it can be brought along very compact in a nylon bag. The size is suitable for single as well as for double beds. Impregnated with permethrine.

Camping mosquito net with a holding point for two people. The crown is formed by rods that open in a fan shape and fold when it is stored to occupy very little space. It is the most extensive travel-way with a holding point.

It is a mosquito LLIN (Long Lasting impregnated Net). This means that its impregnation is guaranteed for 3 years and can reach up to 5. Besides, it's washable up to 25 times. LLIN mosquito nets have a double effect. On the one hand, they act as a physical barrier and, on the other, repel and even kill the mosquitoes that come into contact with it. What differentiates this type of mosquito nets from others impregnated is that they are made with a material that already has the insecticide incorporated in its fibers, which makes them more resistant and do not need to be impregnated.

For travel, it is recommended to use with an adhesive hook that makes it easier to install.