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10 Pure Oil Citronella Incense Sticks for Outdoor Use

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Incense sticks made with pure citronella oil. 10 sticks measuring 50 cm each.

With these sticks you can create in your garden an area of pleasant environment and free of mosquitoes to enjoy dinners and outdoor meetings.

The citronella aroma keeps mosquitoes away effectively without causing any harm, being therefore respectful to the environment. They are perfect to put them near pools, barbecues, terraces and gardens.

Each stick measures 50 cm and lasts from 3.50 to 4 hours approx.

These citronella incense sticks not only keep insects away, they also perfume the environment with their fragrance to enjoy more of the outdoors.

INSTRUCTIONS: Turn the end of the stick until the flame ignites. After a few seconds, extinguish the flame and stick the stick on the floor or in a suitable container for such use.

CAUTION: Keep away from children and pets. Never leave the flame unattended. Do not eat.