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Choosing a mosquito net is not a minor issue. If we find a mosquito net that does not fit into our bed, we are not protected. It is important to buy the screen in a site that offers guarantees. All the characteristics of the net must be clearly specified: measures, material, weight and density of the mesh. Sometimes we find mosquito nets which are too short or with too large holes. In Mosquitohouse you will find detailed information in order to choose the best net for your needs. Here are some indications for this:

- HANGING MOSQUITO NETS. More spacious, simple and easy to install. They include hook to be drilled in the wall or ceiling but if your lodging already has this, it greatly facilitates the work. In case of doubt, in our website you will find an adhesive hook that will prevent such problems and can be easily removed.

  • If you are going to sleep in bed, you must purchase the POP OUT model for individual beds and SPIDER for double beds. These nets are 250 cm. high approximately so enough to fall generously on the ground and leave plenty of space between our body and the crown.
  • If you are going to sleep on the floor, on mattresses or sleeping bags in both tents and outdoors, you can choose the TRACKER or PYRAMID nets that are shorter and for one person.
  • As long as possible, we recommend opting for BOX 2. This mosquito has 4 attachment points which can occasionally inconvenient but, if you can, it is broader and the walls do not touch your body so you sleep in comfort.

- MOSQUITO FOR FLOOR. These mosquito nets floor (HANDYONE and TOP TRACKER) are formed with a structure of fiberglass poles to be assembled. They have the advantage that can be supported on any surface and need no hanging. You only need to make sure that the measures of the mattress to be used is compatible with the measures of the screen.


  • IMPREGNATION. Impregnation is recommended when traveling to countries at risk of contracting malaria, dengue and other diseases. Our nets are impregnated with deltamethrin, a chemical that repels mosquitoes but is harmless to humans. It is important to prevent bites through the network. The impregnation takes about 12 months from the opening of the screen. After this time, it must permeate again with antimalarial treatment will find in our web.
  • SIZE AND WEIGHT. They are smaller in size and weight than decorative. Among which we offer on our website, the heaviest one is approxiamtely 500 gr.
  • FABRIC. Travel mosquito nets are usually made of polyester, as it retains less dust and is lighter than cotton. In addition, it is more economical.
  • MESH DENSITY. This figure measures its effectiveness. WHO recommends a minimum mesh of 156 holes per inch. Our nets have 256 holes per inch so the hole is smaller. We understand that is the perfect balance between security and comfort as the hole is small enough so that mosquitos cannot get in and large enough to allow air to flow inside.
  • PACKING. They go into a resistant nylon bag to keep them after each use and protect them from rubbing or snagging inside the suitcase or backpack.


We always advise familiar to get familiar with the screen before the trip or review it if it has been used previously to avoid any unforeseen in the destination country.

  • When putting the screen, find an anchor point as focused on the bed as possible.
  • Once installed, leave it always closed or tied keep out any mosquito during the day. At least, close it before the sunset.
  • The fabric should always fall on the floor but generously to exercise caution. We always recommend putting the cloth under the mattress.
  • Make sure the opening is overlapped. Otherwise, insects enter easily.

Note: When making a trip, you should focus on the travel range of mosquito nets. Although the size of a mosquito net trip like some decorative mosquito nets, packaging is what makes them appropriate to travel or not. For example, the SPIDER IMPREGNATED travel may be because its crown is formed with rods that close like a fan, forming a small package. Conversely, the model BANGLA is very difficult to transport because the ring of the crown has 65 cm. in diameter and it is not foldable.

All travel mosquito nets include the necessary accessories for installation:

Hook and rope in the case of hanging nets and rods for ground nets.