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To be sure that we are going to acquire a safe mosquito net that adapts to our bed and our needs, we must pay close attention to its characteristics:


The mesh of the mosquito net is an important piece of information to measure the effectiveness of the mosquito net against mosquitoes and is applied to mosquito nets made of polyester. It is an international measurement and refers to the number of holes in the fabric per square inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm). In this way, the larger the mesh, the more holes the fabric has and the smaller its size. In contrast, the smaller the mesh, the fewer holes it has and the larger its size.

At MOSQUITOHOUSE.COM we have two ranges of mosquito nets according to their mesh:

  • STANDARD RANGE - 256 HOLES / INCH MESH2. According to this, each hole measures 2 mm, so air can circulate but makes it impossible for mosquitoes to enter or leave the mosquito net, even tiger mosquitoes that measure 7 to 10 mm.
  • BASIC RANGE - 156 MESH HOLES / INCH2. In this case the hole is somewhat larger but is within the minimum standards required by the WHO in terms of safety.


We have a variety of fabrics in our mosquito nets.

  • POLYESTER: Lighter and cheaper fabric. The holes allow air to pass through, they can be machine washed and are resistant and can be used outdoors to close attics, terraces, porches, etc ... As we have explained in the previous point, we have two varieties that are distinguished according to the size of the pore.
  • COTTON and BAMBOO: These are natural and fresh fabrics ideal for summer as well as effective. You will find them on our website within the PREMIUM RANGE, which offers a wide variety of mosquito nets made of cotton and bamboo.

You will find extended information about the fabrics we use in MATERIALS USED IN THE MAKING OF OUR MOSQUITO NETS.


  • PIRAMIDAL - 1 FASTENING POINT: they are fastened with a single point to the ceiling and are lighter.
  • RECTANGULAR - 4 FASTENING POINTS: they are fastened from at least their four corners and leave more interior space.